Fox Bet Sportsbook Michigan Promo Code

In this review, you can read all the relevant information regarding the most important aspects such as bonuses, transaction methods, and odds. So keep reading this review guide about Fox Bet Sportsbook and the promo code we present here.

Fox Bet Sportsbook Michigan Review

Insurance Bonus Bet

Up to $500

Fox Bet Michigan Review

For those of you who are interested in knowing more about the newcomer, here at Fox Bet Michigan Review we can tell juicy details about everything related to the sportsbook in question. has tested, reviewed, and rated all aspects of Fox Bet Michigan, such as bonuses, payment methods, and design. All so that you can easily decide if Fox Bet Sportsbook is worth a shot.

Fox Bet Michigan Bonus

For those of you who have not yet tested on Fox Bet, you can easily do so by collecting their bonus.

With a great bonus like this, as a new player, you do not have to worry about losing any money, and yet you get to test the betting site and what it has to offer.

The Fox Bet Michigan bonus consists of the following:

Up to $ 500 in insurance bonus bet for your first bet!

This means that if your first bet does not make a profit, Fox Bet will refund your money, up to a full $ 500.

How nice is that?

For more information on the Fox Bet Michigan bonus, and the terms and conditions that apply. Read more on their website.

Promotions and Offers at Fox Bet Sportsbook

Fox Bet, which was added a little later than other sportsbooks in Michigan, has not been late in catching up.

In addition to their well-received welcome bonus, there are a number of promotions and offers at Fox Bet Sportsbook, for players in Michigan to enjoy.

It offers everything from parlay bonuses, to Saturday boosts and insurance bonus bets on Fridays. Fox Bet also offers unique offers every week with everything from doubling your winnings for specific games to tripling it if a specific player or team scores.

For more information on the promotions and offers available at Fox Bet Sportsbook, click on them through the link above.

Fox Bet Odds

At Fox Bet, the betting lover can really get loose and bet on lots of sports and odds.

Here are all the sports, tournaments, and championships you could wish for, with odds that mostly meet our expectations.

Fox Bet Odds delivers to some extent above expectations on many sports, but like many other sportsbooks, it loses on others.

Below we compare Fox Bet’s future odds on the Superbowl winner with two other sportsbooks in Michigan:

SuperBowl WinnerFox BetFanDuelBetMGM

And as we can see they offer Good odds on the Chiefs and worse odds on the Buccaneers and Packers.

Fox Bet Michigan Mobile App

We experience that more and more players today use apps on their mobile phones to place bets on their favorite teams and sports, and therefore having a mobile app with high performance is incredibly important to us.

It’s therefore with sadness in our voice, that we, unfortunately, rate the Fox Bet Michigan mobile app in this part of the review.

We find it to some extent quite messy, with a lot of plots and color contrasts that make some text difficult to see.

For our part, the Fox Bet Michigan mobile app unfortunately does not get the best rating but must improve to keep pace with the other sportsbooks in the state.

However, its app is available for both Android and iOS, which raises the rating slightly as everyone can use it regardless of phone.

Deposit methods at Fox Bet

Below we list all deposit methods at Fox Bet Sportsbook in Michigan.

With these, you can quickly and easily make deposits to your betting account and then start placing bets on your favorite Michigan Teams.

Deposit Method:Time:Minimum Deposit:
Bank TransferInstant$10
Debit/Credit CardsInstant$10

Make a deposit at Fox Bet Sportsbook Michigan

It is quick, easy, and painless for players to make a deposit at Fox Bet Sportsbook.

This happens either from the start when you register. Or you can click on your gaming account -> cashier -> deposit.

Once there, you can see all the payment methods available to use to deposit money. Then just select an amount and payment method, accept the terms and conditions, and approve the transfer.

Oh poof! Now you have made your first deposit at Fox Bet Sportsbook.

Withdrawal methods at Fox Bet

For those looking for the withdrawal methods at Fox Bet, they will present in a list below.

These withdrawal methods are today unfortunately the only ones offered, and for those of you who are looking for one with a fast processing time, you are recommended to use PointsBet with PayPal or Skrill.

Withdrawal Method:Time:Minimum withdrawal:
Bank TransferInstant3-5 Banking Days

Request a withdrawal from Fox Bet

Requesting a withdrawal request from Fox Bet is simple and very similar to how you make a deposit with them.

In order for no one to be disappointed, we always recommend that you use the same payment method for the deposit that you wish to use for a withdrawal.

This is because we have noticed that withdrawal methods can get stuck if we have not used them in a previous deposit.

But for those of you who are now requesting a withdrawal, you can follow this guide.

  1. Click on your profile, on to cashier, and then select withdrawal.
  2. Once on the withdrawal page, you enter the desired amount you want to withdraw. Then select the payment method you want (suggest the one you used when depositing).
  3. Accept the terms and accept the transaction. Now you’re done and have sent your withdrawal request to Fox Bet.

Depending on how many requests are in, your delay may be accepted. Their processing times for withdrawal requests are between 1-72 hours.

Customer Support at Fox Bet

In addition to everything else we have already mentioned in the Fox Bet Michigan Review, another important part is that they should have well-functioning Customer support available.

Unfortunately, we are also here, to some extent a little disappointed with the range of customer support at Fox Bet. Today we can only find a FAQ, a Chat robot, and an email address for answering questions at Fox Bet.

We always want sports betting sites in the US to have a live chat available around the clock for us players to ask questions in. Where we want the response from a real person and not a chatbot.

Therefore, today we are quite disappointed when it is not found at Fox Bet, and it unfortunately lowers its overall rating somewhat significantly.


The design of the Fox Bet Sportsbook largely reminds us a lot of the longtime favorite William Hill Sportsbook.

With consistent colors in white, navy blue, and a touch of yellow, we step into a very simple sportsbook licensed in Michigan.

Much is left to the imagination here, and for the design freak, there is a lot to improve. But this is only for the website in the browser, and we can thus see that they have made clear improvements when it comes to their mobile app.

Betting Experience

Our overall betting experience at Fox Bet Sportsbook in Michigan has been very good despite a few circumstances.

We believe that this Sportsbook will evolve over time, and soon become a huge favorite among players, with their exclusive welcome bonus.

For further information about Fox Bet, read our FAQ or click on the Sportsbook and find them there.

If you choose to play at Fox Bet, do not forget our exclusive bonus code, which can be found at the top of the page. With it, you are guaranteed to get a good start on your betting at Fox Bet Sportsbook in Michigan.

Have Any Questions?

FAQ’s About Fox Bet Michigan Review

Can I play at Fox Bet Sportsbook in Michigan?

Yes, you can play at Fox Bet Sportsbook in Michigan. They have been licensed in the state since March 2021 and today offer bonuses and other offerings to players in the state.

Can I make fast withdrawals from Fox Bet in Michigan?

Yes, you can make fast withdrawals from Fox Bet in Michigan using either PayPal or Skrill. They are both two e-wallets that today have become increasingly popular in the gambling market.

Can I deposit money with PayPal at Fox Bet in MI?

Yes, you can deposit money with PayPal at Fox Bet in MI. As long as you hold a PayPal account and are within state borders.

What is the Fox Bet Michigan Bonus and where can I find it?

The Fox Bet Michigan bonus consists of an insurance bonus bet of up to $ 500.
You can find this bonus here with us at, either in the review or on the home page.

Is it safe to play at Fox Bet in Michigan?

Yes, Fox Bet Sports Betting is licensed to operate legally in Michigan.
With the license comes responsibility and the Michigan Gaming Control Board, makes regular checks to ensure that the licensed sportsbooks follow the rules and requirements that are set.

Are Fox Bet odds good?

Yes. For those of you looking for a betting site in Michigan with good odds, we can highly recommend Fox Bet Sportsbook.
Here you will find good odds on everything from the NHL, and NFL to the NBA and Draft.