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Michigan online poker is legal and active in the state, but how can you get involved? Here we will run through all the poker sites in Michigan to help you find the best online poker site in MI for you. We’re sure once you’ve seen what’s on offer you’ll be raring to join the Mi poker online scene.

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The best Michigan online poker sites in 2024

Pokerstars Michigan online poker Pokerstars Casino Bet $1, get $50 free Play now

More poker sites

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BetMGM Michigan online poker BetMGM Casino 100% deposit match up to $1,000 + $25 free
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  • progressive jackpots
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Pokerstars Michigan online poker Pokerstars Casino Bet $1, get $50 free Play now
FanDuel Michigan online poker FanDuel Casino Up to $1,000 play it again + $100 free credits Visit FanDuel FanDuel Casino Michigan
BetRivers Michigan online poker BetRivers Casino 100% deposit match bonus up to $1,000 Play now BetRivers Casino Michigan

What kind of games can you play?

Michigan casino poker sites offer you some varied versions of poker, so let’s explore all that you can play. With BetMGM and WSOP Online, you only have the options of hold ’em and Omaha, but PokerStars has an impressive catalog of poker games!

  • Both a 7-Card stud with limits and a 7-Card stud hi-lo.
  • Razz with pot limits, one of the oldest versions of poker!
  • 2-7 triple card draw with both a pot limit and a buy-in limit.
  • Badugi where you draw four cards and aim to get the worst poker hand to win.
  • All of these games can be played in the form of HORSE, where you need to beat your opponent 5 times.
  • Finally, you can do a series of 8-Game, where you play through every game type in a tournament to win.

The variety on offer from PokerStars is really impressive and hopefully, with online poker sites growing in Michigan we’ll see more on offer.

Top online poker sites in Michigan

This guide will run through the licensed operators in Michigan and how they work. It will also give you a chance to discover some other local casinos and places to play in person. Finally, we’ll also provide an FAQ to answer any questions and clear up any confusion you might have.

5 licensed Michigan online casino operators now run in Michigan: Caesars Casino, BetRivers Casino, FanDuel Casino, BetMGM Casino, and WynnBET Casino. Learn more about these in our separate guide on casino reviews in Michigan. Only BetMGM has a live online poker service, although PokerStars and World Series of Poker MI (which has partnered with Caesars) also offer an online platform.

BetMGM Poker:

A leader in the online gambling space, BetMGM Poker is also available for Michigan residents. They have partnered with the brick-and-mortar casino the MGM Grand Detroit, the largest casino in MI. BetMGM Michigan Poker has become the second-largest online platform in the state since it launched in March 2021.

They offer a monthly tournament, with buy-ins from $20 all the way up to over $1000. BetMGM also has a downloadable client for Apple and PC users. You can also download an app from the App Store or from Google Play and access it from your IOS or Android phone.

Their platform:

The platform uses the same software as BetMGM Poker’s New Jersey and Pennsylvania, although users play with fellow Michiganders. As they are still a growing service from time to time the low traffic can make it difficult to find impromptu games.

However, the frequently arranged tournaments and games do attract significant numbers of users to compete with. The platform itself is not particularly complex, with a mostly simple structure and only one core alternative game type.

BetMGM Poker does offer a “fast fold” game called Fast Forward which can let you play more quickly, but otherwise simply offers traditional poker. As a result, they can be a great service for someone simply looking for a player hoping to just focus on poker alone.

Its simple design also means that users find an easy-to-use platform that they can get into really quickly. Even if you won’t use it as your main platform, BetMGM offers weekly and monthly guaranteed prize tournaments. These are something definitely worth adding to your schedule.

Bonuses and offers:

BetMGM gives you a $75 deposit bonus addition upon your first sign-up, and with the code “JOKERZINO” you can have an additional deposit match up to $1000. This can give you a great chance to explore BetMGM before you commit to using the platform. The deposit bonus addition in particular is a fantastic offer that is quite rare as an offered bonus.

In order to cash out these bonuses you will need to join a game and earn winnings. While you won’t have to stake as much, you do need to earn the winnings in order to cash out.


Overall for impromptu games, BetMGM is limited, as are its alternative poker offerings and sophistication. However, for someone who just wants to play simple poker, they offer a fantastic service. On top of this, their arranged games are a great way to get into some guaranteed prize pools.

World Series of Poker Online:

Although the newest poker site to enter Michigan, WSOP Online has quickly become the most popular in the state. They have partnered with Caesars Casino to gain access and offer an incredibly advanced service to users. Additionally, WSOP is world-famous and gives you a platform everybody wants to play on.

Their platform:

WSOP online is built on the Poker 8 software utilized by 888Poker around the world. Michigan’s WSOP Online platform has already become a more advanced and comfortable service to use than WSOP’s New Jersey and Nevada online Poker sites. Unfortunately, the platform is solely a website, meaning it is not possible to play on your mobile phone.

The very large pool of Michigander players ensures that impromptu games are really easy to set up and join. Additionally, WSOP offers some incredible arranged games, including a weekly $100 buy-in, and a $50 grand tournament with prizes guaranteed!

There are also daily qualifiers for the actual World Series of Poker or Online Circuit that can be an exciting extra to try your hand at.

Multi-state gameplay is also very much on the way. Michigan has approved a multi-state agreement to have such a platform. WSOP simply needs to meet the state requirements and Michigan players will get to play with folks from NJ, NV, or DE.

Bonuses and offers:

WSOP offers you a $25 deposit addition upon sign-up, and another $25 as soon as you make your first deposit. With the code “JOKERZINO” you can also get a 100% deposit match up to $1,000 as a new user! It makes for a fantastic way to try out WSOP Online before you commit to the service.

On top of this playing on WSOP Online earns you Caesars Reward’s program points. These let you earn various prizes and bonuses at the Caesars online and in-person casinos!


WSOP Online has clearly become the best all-around service for Michigan citizens looking for online poker platforms. Whether you’re looking to get into the professional scene or just want to play some simple quick games, the wide player base of the platform enables you to do anything. Their weekly guaranteed prize games can also be a fun way to get into the action and win something in the process.

PokerStars Michigan:

The first online poker room introduced to Michigan in early 2021, PokerStars partners with the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawas Indians. Due to its early start, PokerStars Michigan’s site soared to the most popular poker site in the US. While WSOP has overtaken it since it is still an incredibly popular service in Michigan.

Their platform:

PokerStars has state-of-the-art software forming the basis of their new Michigan site. Using the PokerStars client software they have been working on since the early 2000s, they give an incredibly reliable and slick user experience. Users quite simply have the best and easiest experiences on the PokerStars software.

They also offer a PokerStars client available to download on both Windows and Apple computers. A PokerStars app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android phones. PokerStars is very accessible for folks looking to play wherever they are.

They have a significant selection of games, from no-limit hold ’em to pot-limited Omaha while retaining traditional Poker games. Alongside this, they were able to develop major Michigan tournaments, such as the Michigan Championship of Online Poker.

These popular series have driven traffic to the site and offered Michiganders some really expansive tournaments to take part in!

Bonuses and offers:

PokerStars will give you $50 worth of tournament tickets for free when you play your first hand. They also offer a 100% deposit match up to $600 for new users once they sign up. They don’t even require a code to do so! This may be the weakest of the sign-up offers, but still gives you a good chance to explore PokerStars before you commit.

While playing, you can also earn Stars Rewards, which you use to play for as bet credits, or get StarsCoins you can convert to cash. So loyalty to Pokerstars can pay quite a bit for players who are going to play online poker a lot anyway.


PokerStars has easily the smoothest platform of the online Michigan poker sites and an incredible selection of games. They also ensure that you are rewarded for long-term loyalty to the site with some really massive tournaments open to all users.

It is somewhat limited by their sign-up bonuses, but while they may take longer to get into, PokerStars gives you some great offers for using them long-term. Well as PokerStars, BetMGM, and WSOP Online Run it Once Poker is looking to open an online poker platform for Michiganders soon.

Other great poker sites:

How to sign up for online poker in Michigan:


Since Michigan legalized online Poker in 2020, it has been legal for anyone over 21 to play. To sign up if you are over 21 though, you will need a few important pieces of personal information:

  • Your name, phone number, and email address.
  • You’ll have to input your date of birth to confirm you are over 21.
  • Your Social Security number will also be needed to join the online platforms.
  • As well, you need to give them your card/bank account/electronic wallet details to sign up and begin making deposits.

You can deposit and withdraw money using multiple methods. The main way is to give them your debit/credit card although do check with your bank that they allow you to deposit to mobile casino apps in Michigan and don’t charge high fees to do so.

If you have a PayPal or Skrill account this can be the most secure way of drawing/depositing money. You can also give them your online bank account details or use prepaid cards to get around any restrictions from your bank.

Finally, you don’t need to be a resident of Michigan to join an online poker platform. You can be a visitor or simply pass through and use Michigan’s online poker sites, though you must be within Michigan itself.

Places you can play poker in person in Michigan:

Not to neglect the brick-and-mortar poker scene, there are now a lot of in-person casinos and poker rooms you can go to play.

  • Motor City Casino, MGM Grand Detroit, and Greektown Casino-Hotel offer indoor poker rooms in Detroit.
  • Outside Detroit, there are a number of different casinos across the state. Bay Mills Resort and Casino is located in Brimley and Gun Lake Casino is in Wayland.
  • Additionally, there is Island Casino in Harris City and Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie.
  • Finally, the Odawa Casino and Soaring Eagle Casino are Indian territory casinos in Petoskey and Mt. Pleasant.

Overall there are a lot of casinos across Michigan you can go to in person, if simply the online platforms are not for you.

Online Poker in Michigan FAQs

How do online poker sites confirm I am in Michigan? Online poker sites in Michigan are required to know where their players are at all times. As a result, they use geolocation software on your phone or computer to access your GPS location and confirm it is in Michigan. If you attempt to access a Michigan online poker platform from outside Michigan, you will be blocked.

Are the online poker sites listed trustworthy?

All the poker sites discussed within are very fair, using random number generators to deal cards. They are constantly tested by the Michigan Gaming Board to ensure this.

Can you play home poker games in Michigan?

Home poker games are illegal in Michigan, and you must be in a regulated poker room to play poker in MI.

What was the first poker site to enter Michigan?

PokerStars was the first to offer an online poker platform in 2021. Since then they have been joined by BetMGM Poker and WSOP Online.

How old must you be to play online poker in Michigan?

You do have to be at least 21 years old to legally sign up and play online poker in Michigan.

Which online poker sites are legal in Michigan?

At the top of the page, we’ve listed all the online poker sites that are live and legal in Michigan state.